A Family Update

Solon was sitting in this rocking chair my Grandma Wetherbee had when she was a little girl and it dates back to when her father was little in the 1800's!!!  What a special keepsake for Solon...

So his hat got a little funny and it made him look like a government official from the 1600's!

We have posted lots of pictures lately but we thought we would bring you up to date on the latest happenings at the Port household.  Solon is now almost 12 weeks old and will be 3 months on November 7th.  (It is funny to think almost a year ago we found we were pregnant and now we have the best gift God could give us in our beautiful baby boy!).

We are IN LOVE with being parents to our little man!  He is just so precious to us and everyday is a gift!  When I get tired, I am rejuvinated by one little smile or his sweet little eyes that just stare at me with such need. 

He loves to be sung to, danced with, and just basically LOVED!  He likes his little gym thingabob with dangly toys that he can now grab and swing around.  He likes to watch me run on the treadmill and talk to me while I am running - wish I could talk back but still working on that one :-)! 

He still is SO easy to take along wherever we go.  Last weekend we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and he happily slept in the midst of noise while we ate.  He loves to go on walks with Cy but now is super bundled up as we walk around the neighborhood.  He is sitting in his little highchair with us at the dinner table and it is so fun to hold his little hand when we pray!  We now have a good nighttime routine as a family.  We take turns each reading him a book, Daddy reads him his Baby Bible, and then we pray as a family. 

He loves his crib now with his mirror and mobile and usually babbles himself to sleep.  He will wake up again for a feeding around 4 am and then sleep again until 7 or 8 am eat again, and then sleep until around 9 am!  (that will have to change unfortunately on Friday :-(!)

Today was the 1st day he went to daycare for a few hours to test it out while I went to get my hair done.  It was harder on me I know.  Scott and I took him over around 12:30, I did okay.  I just couldn't look at Scott and took a minute to myself to regain composure after we left.  I can't explain the bond you have as a mom but it is so hard to leave them!  I couldn't wait to go back and pick him up at 3:30.  He did really well, eating his bottle, taking a 40 minute nap, and hanging out!  Good Job Solon!  I return to work on Friday and Scott will take him (it will be easier for me to say goodbye at home) and then I get to pick Solon up (much more fun). 

We are looking forward to another relaxing weekend at home.  Last weekend, we had so much fun playing photographer in the fall leaves and foliage.  We also had a great time watching the Cyclones make their big win (here's to another win this weekend).  It is so nice to hang out just the three of us after the hub bub of the fall!

We will update you on how my return to work goes and more pictures of Solon soon! Love to you all!
Erin, Scott, Solon and Cy Port