Update on my grandpa

We went over to visit my Grandma and parents last Wednesday night. It was such a blessing for them all to have some "baby" time. Solon of course didn't mind being held either. While we were there a little field mouse decided to join us for dinner creating quite a stir of laughter and screams but it lightened the mood tremendously watching my dad and Scott capture the little guy while we all watched with our legs 5 feet in the air. That little mouse was sent I am sure to make us all smile :-)! As of Wednesday, my grandpa was in the same condition.
On Thursday, the nurses told my mom and Grandma that he could be in this comatose state for up to a month which was quite discouraging. While praying I found the verse from Romans 12:12 that says "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer". This verse was very appropriate as we wait on the Lord.
With no change, my family headed to the lake (as my grandma wanted) and closed up for the season. We found out on Friday that he was awake. Although, he was making no eye contact he was awake. A first step in a long process - yeah!
Then on Saturday, my Grandma called with the good news that he spoke. It wasn't much and kind of groggy but still another FANTASTIC step in the process. By Sunday, he was speaking more when spoken to - still not initiating conversation but more GOOD.
My dad went to see them today with the hope that he would be out of ICU. Thanks for your continued prayers - we know God is good and has a great plan but feel surrounded by the love of prayer and knowing that my grandpa is strong and will recover.