Labor Day Weekend - The Highlights

On our way to the lake - we are loaded in!
We arrived in time for breakfast at our favorite place and Solon tried on his 1st life jacket (it may fit better next summer but it matches his Uncle Alex's)

Uncle Alex and Solon

Solon was not put down for a minute all weekend - as you can see my mom has perfected the art of one handed eating (My Aunt Chris is in pink)

Solon helped Grandpa drive his new boat!
Solon's 1st Boat Ride - he loved it! He went right to sleep...

He did not like dipping his toes in the lake water
He chilled out after all of that stress in his new shortie wet suit and shades

Chilling with Grandpa in a tube at the end of the day - this is as close as he got to tubing this year!

Pancakes on the fire - YUM! It was a bit chilly that morning!
We had a great time at the lake, as always! I even got to tube and jet ski - after a whole summer without - I was glad to be back in action again. Skiing will have to wait til next summer! We closed up for the year before football season starts. Sad the summer is over already. My cousins/brothers and Aunt Chris joined us. Solon was traded from arm to arm and Cy never got out of the water - she enjoyed playing with Casen. We can't wait to go back next summer and Solon already has millions of water toys waiting for him to play with!