Our Weekend

We had a good weekend. We spent lots of time indoors because of the unseasonably COOL weather. I was not brave enough to try on my jeans yet so I wore layers :-). Solon continues to grow, grow, grow. In fact last night we were up every 2 hours feeding. Hopefully, tonight will go better. We are getting good at running errands with Solon - putting him in the cart and loading groceries around him (I will have to take a picture of that). I am finally up to our normal walk route so we are back to our walk routine - Cy is very happy about that. This week Solon goes for his newborn pictures on Wednesday, his 1st ISU game on Thursday, and 1st road trip to "Camp Wetherbee" cabin for Labor day. He will also meet his Great Grandma Dingman in Minneapolis on the way. We will spend the night at my parents in Lakeville to break up the 7 hour drive into 2 days.