Our miracle from God

Wow! How instantly can you fall in love - there is no explanation for the love Scott and I have for our new little boy - Solon Robert Port. He arrived at 5:02 PM and I had the pleasure of helping him out and yelling "It's a boy" as Scott cut the cord. It is the most AWESOME feeling in the world to know God entrusted us with raising his son.

He weighs 6 lbs. 11.4 oz. and 19 inches long. He is VERY beautiful and no he is not available until he is 30 (am I biased at only 6 hours old).

He arrived "sunny side-up" after 1 hour and 25 minutes of mommy pushing HARD - his heartrate kept deceling - making mommy nervous and motivating her to push, push, push. No wonder I had back labor! Poor guy has a very bruised head but we are assured his "headache" will go away starting tomorrow - it is amazing how fast infants heal.

The best thing in life is to hold him and smell him and love on him and watch Scott do the same. We are so blessed and can't thank God enough for blessing us with him. You really do look at your child in their little eyes and dream the world for them!

Thanks for your many prayers for a safe delivery - we felt God's presence today!
We are off to bed - I can't believe I am doing this but we are sending him to the nursery after a very long tiring 24 hours for all 3 of us (and Cy at home - she kept Auntie Ellen up all night waiting for mommy and daddy to come home).
We will post more tomorrow!