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My last doctor's appointment

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Okay so I had my 39 week check today and it was my LAST one - I can't believe we are actually preparing to meet our little one. As you know there was some confusion with our induction date. I am happy to say I met with my regular OB today (love him!!!!) and he said he would definitely induce me on Saturday and the reason the other OB was so concerned is because they are pretty busy this Friday (my original date). I told him I could be flexible and go in on Saturday to be induced but it ended up being fine for me to be induced on Friday...SO...

We go in tomorrow night at 7:30 and get cervidil to help my cervix continue to "ripen" however the doctor told me I have a "great" cervix (is that a compliment?) and that should help things along greatly. If that doesn't induce labor than I will start my petocin drip at 5:30 am on Friday. Baby Port is measuring small so my OB said it should "just fall out" (YEAH RIGHT!). He thinks I could go fast and deliver anytime - so our parents are on stand by :-). Ellen will be staying with Cy and enjoying being a puppy aunt - we appreciate her assisting us with this. Cy loves her!

We will keep you updated on the blog as the hospital has wireless and I bet we have some downtime before the big push. I hope the epidural works well :-)

We thank God for the miracle of this child and pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby boy or girl. We ask him to watch over my blood and allow it to clot normally. We also ask for safe travels for people coming to meet this new person. We praise Him for blessing us with his gift and pray we can honor him as parents. Thanks for your prayers - it is all because of Him!
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  1. Erin, I will be praying for you! I hope we can meet the little one very soon. Take care, and remember this when you are pushing, "Faith makes everything possible; not easy!" You will be great!

  2. Erin and Scott....praying for you guys as you go through this amazing journey! Enjoy every moment, holding that new baby in your arms for the first time will be the most amazing feeling you have ever felt in your entire life. We are so excited for the two of you to join the parents club, it is truly indescribable. Praying for a safe and speedy and healthy delivery of Baby Port! Love,
    Jill, Spencer, and Chloe :)


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