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Last weekend just the 3 of us...

Sunday, August 2, 2009
We enjoyed our last weekend Scott, Cy and I. Yesterday we enjoyed our new patio furniture until it was too cold to enjoy. Today we went to church, Scott did powerpoint. We saw our friend's son be dedicated. Then we enjoyed lunch outside on our new patio set. Then we headed to Gray's Lake in DM to walk around the lake and let Cy wade in the water. It is warm for this summer at 87 degrees so Cy enjoyed cooling off in the water...Then we headed to Sonic for ice cream. Cy loves Sonic - she gets a vanilla dish (cheap date as she only costs a buck). We just got home and we are all spent. Scott and Cy are napping and I am laying down relaxing my sore back. With just a few days to go - reality that a new little one will be here soon is setting in :-)! We will keep you updated throughout the week. I continue to have major braxton-hicks contractions, cramping, etc. but no REAL contractions I can count as of late...
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