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Getting so close...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
We have just 2 full days left until my possible induction date...

For those of you who read regularly you know that might get switched, my appointment is tomorrow at 2PM and I sure hope they leave it. I have been having major back pain and cramping so I hope either 1. I progressed independently and go on my own before Friday or 2. They leave it for Friday knowing my body is working hard and ready to go anyway. As the day approaches, I have some apprehension (some realistic and some just crazy) but we would love your prayers for a safe delivery for both baby and I. I pray that my blood disorder does not play a factor and that everything goes well. We will post tomorrow to let you know what the plan is...

Oh and on a completely random note - we love America's Got Talent in our house and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chicken catcher/country singer Kevin Skinner - I hope he goes a long way!
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