Another answer to prayer...

Solon gained 2 ounces today - YEAH! He is on his way to gaining back his birth weight. Babies are supposed to gain 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. each day in the first months so he should be back or above his birth weight at his 2 week check on August 21st (my dad's 50th birthday).

To celebrate my mom, Solon, and I headed to the mall to return some "pink" items and get some cute little stud outfits. We were VERY successful and found some swimsuits for our trips to Breckenridge at Spring Break and swim lessons at the Y this winter as well as some suits for next summer on clearance at Gymboree. We also got some adorable jeans at Baby Gap and an Iowa State Adidas track suit at Von Maur to name the highlights.

He did so well walking the mall (what a great shopping buddy to mommy). He got lots of compliments and enjoyed a nice nap. We were all worn out, as that was the longest walking I had done in a while....let's just say some things were burning and they were not my calves :-)!!!

My mom leaves tomorrow and I can't talk about it as tears begin to form in my eyes. She has been more than a blessing this week and I truly appreciate all she did to make our 1st week home so successful and stress-free. We truly can't thank her enough - but a blog shout-out we thought was good!!! THANKS MOM - We love you!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST! :-)