Week 36/37 Check-up

I had my 36 week check but I am closer to 37 weeks - yeah! I had my usual NST and Baby Port moved SOUTH so we had a hard time finding the heartbeat - it was down by my pelvis...
Then when I met with the doctor he checked my cervix - I am already dialated to 2 cm and 50% ephased...he also said baby was low - he was VERY suprised. I told him my symptoms of intense back pain, cramping, nausea, etc. He said I could go ANYTIME - but could wait to go on my scheduled date - So.....we wait! I go next Tuesday to be checked again and for my NST - for sure only 2 more doctor's appointments. We will keep you updated as Baby makes progress towards arrival! We are VERY excited and ready to meet this little one! I have had contractions on and off today about every hour and they are pretty intense but they are not getting any closer together and went away this evening...BUMMER!
We went to visit our newest little friend Caelyn Renee Jack who was born yesterday to our friends Tom and Nicole from our small group! The 2nd girl out of 6. I will post pictures soon!
Thanks for your continued prayers :-)!