Week 36 Ultrasound

We had our LAST ultrasound today. We counted we had 8 all together, boy, it was sure nice to check in our little one throughout our pregnancy. Once again Baby Port seems to be doing just great according to the doctor. It now weighs in at an impressive 5 lbs. 13 oz. It was 3 lbs. 13 oz. and 32 weeks so if it stays its course of 8 oz. a week we will have 7 lbs. 5 oz. baby. It is measuring in the 30th percentile - so on the petite side but doing well. The fluids, blood flow, and heart rate all continue to be good. Baby is not as far down as they thought or I thought it was but that also could be because I am carrying high. The doctor said I will feel the shift down toward my pelvic bone soon. She also said I am carrying so long most likely because of my long torso because baby is folded in half. Its body is in my lower left side with legs coming straight up toward its face. He/she was holding on to them with their hands and playing with their toes during the ultrasound. We could not see the face too many hands and toes in the way :-). We did see some hair on its tiny head - not sure if it is just peach fuzz or more - I am guessing fuzz as neither of us really had much hair when we were born. I stop my baby aspirin for clotting today and continue with 2 shots of lovenox until 48 hours before birth so if all goes as planned I will stop on the evening of August 2nd. I will then resume 1 shot of lovenox a day following birth for 6 weeks. Yeah for only 1 shot :-)! Most likely I will go to the hospital on Thursday August 6th so they can give me medicine to soften my cervix and then Friday morning August 7th give me petocin to induce labor. We didn't get any good ultrasound pictures today because baby is just too squished and we didn't see ANYthing because it is so squashed too - so we will wait to meet our little BOY or GIRL in just 21 days...14 working days for Scott...and just 3 more free weekends :-)! Thanks for your continued prayers as we enter our final stage, it was weird leaving the doctor today knowing that was my last visit there. We will we the perinatologist when I deliver but no more visits to the office :-)!!!!!