Week 34 Check-up

We just returned from a great 4th of July at the lake and today was my 34 week check-up. I had my usual weekly NST (non-stress test) and had just eaten before hand so Baby Port was very active and its heartrate went from 160 to 120 throughout the 20 minute scan. I still show no signs of contractions so we are good for another week. I go in next Monday to see my regular OB and then next Friday the 17th for my 36 week ultrasound. As of tomorrow, we have 1 month until "Birth" day! I definitely had a growth spurt last week and I would post pictures but our camera bit the dust in lake water so there will be a delay on picture posting. The doctor did inform me more about my induction. At 36 weeks they will begin their cervix checks to check for ephasement and dialation. If I don't dialate to the degree they would like me to before my induction date, I will go in the night of the 6th to begin that process and then on the morning of the 7th break my water but we won't know more until we get closer to then. We will keep you posted - can't believe it is coming so quickly. When I said good-bye to my parents, it was weird, because the next time we see them will be when I give BIRTH!!!!! Reality is setting in - we would ask for your prayers over the next couple of weeks to stay calm and enjoy each moment that passes. We are so excited and praise God for the miracle of this but nervous too!