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Less than 2 weeks and Great Weekend!

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Well we are still pregnant...
We had a great and BEAUTIFUL weekend at home. We enjoyed spending time just the two of us doing things we probably won't get to do as easily when Baby comes along. We went to the Ankeny area parade of homes to check out some homes and figured out we both like the same things but those things can be expensive :-)! We went on an ice cream date and out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Today, we washed our cars and played in the water with Cy. While washing my car, we discovered it had a flat so we made an unexpected trip to Wal-Mart to get that fixed - luckily we realized this today as I work tomorrow and could not have changed it independently. We enjoyed several walks this weekend with Cy and she enjoyed her last few without sharing the sidewalk with a stroller.
I am all packed for the hospital and so is Baby - Scott has yet to get organized but we went to the store today to pick out some yummy snacks for the hospital....he chose a variety pack of Lay's chips - not what I was thinking but it comes with a handy dandy handle to conveniently carry it to the hospital:-)!
I work tomorrow and Tuesday and then will spend Wednesday with my sister Ellen, have a dessert date with my friend Beth on Thursday and then it will be Friday...:-) So a nice and busy week so hopefully time will go fast. I have my next doctor's appointment on Tuesday at 3PM - we will update you then! We continue to have braxton hicks contractions, back pain, and cramping but no baby...
Have a great week!!! We will keep you posted...
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  1. Erin we will be thinking of you and praying for you! This is so darn exciting! I am very happy for you.
    Take care - Jessica Balsley


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