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How to make a pregnant woman cry...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
I am not sure I am emotionally ready even to be posting right now but I am going to anyway...For those of you who have pregnant know the last weeks of pregnancy are hard enough with the aches, pains, random interestingness (enough said), and emotions...BUT today I went for my 37/38 week check and my regular OB is on vacation so I saw another OB in the practice. She came in and informed me that she does not agree with the induction date chosen and that I should attempt natural labor at all cost....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I am 38 weeks along and we have had my induction decided since about 7 weeks along...AUGUST 7th. She told me she would have to confer with the other doctors and decide the best course of action - I am pretty sure they did that but OKAY let's just change everything we had planned one week before it is supposed to happen - can you sense the tears coming...oh it gets better. I go and do my NST and baby looks great. I am between 2-3 cm and 60% I am progressing well.

As I leave she informs me that she could not get a hold of my perinatologist so they will let me know what they decide at my next appointment - oh wait - that is not until next Wednesday AUGUST 5th and I am supposed to stop my medication the 4th in anticipation of going to the hospital on the evening of the 6th (yep the next day)...SO we have no clue what is going on and I freaked out on my mom and Scott, started balling, and officially had a mini breakdown...

I just hope that she does not get them to change everything because I sure would like an epidural and if I wait too long to be induced and go into labor by myself - I won't get to have one :-(...I know God's will is best and I need to pray for peace and calmness until Monday when I call my OB to figure this ALL out...We will keep you updated!

ON a GREAT note - BABY is great and will be here soon :-) Thinking happy thoughts...and going to a happy place - Scott is bringing home stress food - MC DONALDS :0)
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  1. We are sure thinking the good thoughts & praying for you! It won't be long & you'll have that little sweet pea in your arms - the best feeling in the world! ;)

    ~ Jamie & Kurt


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