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Cranky, prego, and ready to go...

Friday, July 31, 2009 to I put this - I AM DONE! Ask Scott, I am cranky, cranky, cranky and more cranky...I am just plain uncomfortable. I want to be busy doing things but I just get so tired but I am tired of laying around - so out of my nature. There is just the same ol', same ol' on TV. I have officially lost the "plug" and pretty sure baby is low - just waiting for a wave of the baby's hand as I am positive by the movement on my bladder it might fall out. I am in hide out as I just seem to bite people's heads off by no fault of my own or theirs - :-). I will take any and all happy thoughts of contractions and water breakage. Until then pray for Scott and family members who are subject to an emotional roller coaster named Erin. I spent yesterday in bed very nauseous. Wednesday I cramped all day as I got rid of the "plug" and today I subbed for summer school...Hope the next days travel by fast. And no we don't know anything more about induction and as Scott knows we are not discussing it for now...
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