Week 31

Wow! I can't believe we just have 8 weeks left until Baby Port joins us (or as Scott says - at the most 8 weeks :-) My mom and sister threw me a shower in Ankeny this weekend. The theme was "Sweet Pea". They did a great job from the floral bouquet of blue hydranga, pink gerber daisies, and peas inside the vase! (Great job Hy-Vee Floral - I tell you they rival all other floral places around here!!). We played 3 games. The traditional laundry clip game where you can steal someone's laundry clip if they say "baby". My Aunt Chris won! Then we played a game where my mom had placed several baby items on a tray and then passed it around. Then each guest had to remember what they could from the tray. Last, we played a nursery rhyme game where they had the 1st line of the rhyme and the guests had to fill in the next line. Marty (my mother-in-law) and friend Wendy tied - I did miserably! I guess I have to brush up on those nursery rhymes! Then we had cake and mint chip ice cream (my favorites) before opening gifts. Everyone has been so generous and we are so thankful. I spent Monday afternoon sorting, putting away, and nesting! I can't believe all things will be used so shortly - CRAZY!!!! Thanks Grandma Wetherbee and Auntie Ellen for throwing such a wonderful shower - we are so thankful!!!

On Wednesday, is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary and on Thursday we have our 32 week ultrasound - so we will post more news soon!