Week 29

Well, Cy and I are pleased to say Scott made it home safely from his trip. Cy nearly tore up the carpet she ran around the house in such excitement at Scott's return. There is no one like him to play with in her opinion. We celebrated by taking a family trip to Dairy Queen this evening. I got a chocolate shake (ice cream is my weakness right now), Scott got a chocolate cone, and Cy got a pup cone :-)! She loves ice cream too...

Scott had a great time tubing down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with my dad, sister, and cousin. They slept under the stars, got some good rapids, enjoyed the scenery and even had a bit of a fall on the way to the rive at 3am as he took care of business....note the large bruise on his leg (YUCK!!!!) He did make a few bucks gambling on roulette and enjoyed seeing Big Elvis at Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon in LV.
While Scott was gone, I hosted the Terrace end of the year party in our backyard. We had a great time, I will really miss my great team (tear). Then, my mom came down on Saturday and we painted the babies room the base green color (pictures to come). Then we headed out on some errands, adding things to my Target registry, etc. Poor mom, I am little fun these days and crashed around 8 PM with Cy both nights - I just have no nighttime energy these days :-(.
I have had training for my new job all week and this weekend we head to Cedar Falls to Scott's family for my 2nd shower hosted by his mom and sister. His sister, Raquel, and family will be coming to Iowa. We are so excited to see them (we have not seen them since Christmas). Lance is 2 and Grace is 5. They are ADORABLE and I love to spoil them ;-)