Pickles and Ice Cream Shower

We had a great weekend in Cedar Falls. We headed up there to see Scott's sister and family for the weekend. His sister, Raquel, and his mom, Marty, threw me an ADORABLE shower. The theme was "Pickles and Ice Cream". As you can see from their outfits -it was a neopolitan color theme. We had yummy food, cute games, and lots of fun. I will attach the album soon. They went to so much work to make it so special and I am humbled at their generosity!
We also celebrated Scott's Mom's 60th Birthday. We all headed out as an ENTIRE family to the Brown Bottle for their famous lasagna, gifts and desset. We had a great time celebrating with everyone.
On Sunday, we went to church and then took a family picture in their yard (I will post those soon) - we got a good one which can be challenging with 2 kids and 7 grown-ups :-)!!! Then Uncle Paul (Scott's brother) taught Grace how to cast with her new princess fishing pole. Cy enjoyed being caught with the foam crown (instead of a real hook).
I stayed in CF until yesterday with Raquel and the kids and we had a blast hanging out and catching up - it is so much fun to be with them and since they live in Ohio - these times are so precious :-)!
We will see them in September when we head out to Cleveland to see Iowa State vs. Kent State with my family. They will be able to meet the baby then!!!