Doctor Check-Up

I had my 30 week check-up which turned into my 31 week check-up :-)! Everything looks great. Baby's heartrate is 140 bpm. I go back in a week for my non-stress test and get hooked up to a machine for 30 minutes while they watch the baby's heart rate and monitor that it is under no stress - this is because of the medicine and my condition. I will do this weekly now until the baby is born. Luckily, I am out of school so I can do this during the day. Next week we have our 32 week ultrasound - can't believe we are nearing the end. Panic is setting in but we are nesting and preparing with all of the baby items from our shower.

The baby's room painting is coming along - we just had one hiccup - so annoying....

I asked to have my paint color-matched because I ran out - and it doesn't match so now my room has darker green polka dots where the paint is a different color. I am so annoyed - so I will go to Menard's tomorrow and ask for a complimentary can of paint because they screwed up and now poor Scott will have to repaint :-(! We still were able to do the stripes tonight. Gotta love these little hiccups in life - it is just paint right????