33 week check-up and bruised ribs!

I had my 33 week check today - I go every week now until then end for a NST (non-stress test). I get hooked up to a little machine that measures the baby's heartrate and measures for contractions. I get to sit in a leather recliner and watch tv while I have it done. It takes about 30 minutes. Today Baby Port wanted to sleep during the test which is not ideal as they want to see the baby's active heartrate as it should move around and not be steady - luckily he/she woke up at the end and gave them the show they wanted. No contractions either...
I am measuring a bit small but Dr. said that was good for pushing out :-)! Blood pressure, weight, and proteins all look great too! I asked what happens if I go early today and Dr. told me I won't - he was kind of joking, kind of not. Baby Port is giving us no signs that it will come early so as of now we will be going on August 7th as planned which would be nice considering Dr. H can deliver me and he knows all about my blood - which makes me way more comfortable!
Oh YES - did I say I am in MAJOR PAIN from my little stinker who thinks my ribs are a great place to practice their kicking skills. They managed to bruise my ribs - which let me tell you feels like they are BROKEN!!!!! Tylenol and ice are my friend - the pain comes and goes but at times it is PRETTY uncomfortable (and ask Scott - I get a little snippy!).