What a week!

Wow! TGIF....is all we have to say!
It has been a WILD week of ups and downs in our house. It was my last week of teaching and I had to move out of my classroom completely - check :-)! Luckily, Scott was able to take all of those rubbermaid containers to the basement I love to organize in. I was impressed with how little I had - but Scott thought the numerous trips down the stairs didn't satisfy limited items -what can I say you accumulate A LOT of books after 4 years of teaching.
Scott and I attended Shannon Smith's visitation last night. It was really tough and we continue to pray God surrounds the Smith Family in the coming monthes as they grieve the loss of their brother. Scott attended the funeral today. We know God is good and trust in him!
Tomorrow I will have the All Terrace Staff party at our house - what was I thinking. Fortunately, Scott and I worked as a team to clean, mow, and pack for Scott's trip this evening.
Oh yes and Scott is traveling this weekend with my dad, sister, and cousin to Las Vegas and then the Grand Canyon for a 3 day rafting trip. They will have a blast - I am a basketcase. My mom is coming down to "babysit" me and the baby while they are away. Lots on my to do list for us to do!!!

Forgot to fill you in last week on our 28 week ultrasound...
Baby Port was weighing in at 2 lbs. 7 oz. and 14-16 inches long. All systems are go and all measurements were great. Baby's heartrate was 125 bpm on Friday and then at my regular OB appointment this wednesday it was 150 bpm. The doctor said that was good - you don't want a constant heartrate. Normal heartrate is 120 -180 bpm. I go again in 2 week (yes I am to the 2 week part of my pregnancy) to the OB and then have another ultrasound June 19th. (I will be 32 weeks then).