Baby Room Transformation

So we picked up our chair we ordered for the baby's room. It is super comfy for those middle of night feedings and bedtime stories and snuggles! It is a recliner and glider in one so we will enjoy that a lot :-)! We figured the neutral color would be good for future use when we are done with nursery time! We will have to dress it up with a little more furniture, paint color, and decorations...but that is to come!
Here is the paint color - hard to see (I'm sorry!) It is a celedon green (with a touch of grey) very soothing. We color matched it with the bedding so it will blend in (our bedding is from pottery barn and very simple). We will do a horizontal strip reminiscent of a grosgrain ribbon 2/3 up the wall with a big circle above the bed for the baby's initials (TBA). We will have to find time to paint though as there are just 11 weeks to go - and only 4 weekends at home to prepare! AHHHH!