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Week 244 Doctor - take 2

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
So I had my regular OB appointment today. Boy, those are super fast compared to the perinatologist. I had my glucola test today to test for gestational diabetes - we get the results tomorrow. I had the lime flavor - tasted like flat sprite (sugary - but not bad). The doctor checked my belly and said everything was fine. As usual the most traumatic thing was stepping on the scale :-)! The baby's heartrate was 140 today. I asked the nurse if you could tell the sex by heartbeat and she said unless I was hooked up to a machine for a longer period of time - the answer is no! So, sorry everyone the guessing continues! I go again in 4 weeks for 2 more times and then I go to every other week appointments...this has gone faster than I thought but I know the 3rd trimester will drag on when school is out. Hope all is well - we went to DQ tonight (I have 4 more weeks til I step on the scale so I figured I was safe)...
Oh yeah and my morning started out with me spilling milk all over my pants on the way to work (don't ask) and turning around to go home to change - I think God is preparing me for motherhood! Makes for a good laugh tonight for Scott!
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