Week 24

Wow! Another busy and WET weekend...
Friday night, we went to the Sanderson's (friends from our church small group) for their daughter Andie's 2nd birthday. The weather was perfect, 70's, so we could be outside on their deck!
I had to get her gift and so I went to T J Maxx (my favorite store) and I hit the mother load. I got her gift, a Father's Day gift for my dad, Scott's dry fit gear (for his Grand Canyon trip), and a PEANUT SHELL (baby sling)!!!! So exciting - it was only 20 dollars (super cheap). I had registered for one but this one is red and white and will be perfect to hold baby during ISU games...I was so excited! Just gotta say - I LOVE TJ Maxx!!!!
On Saturday night, we went over to Mandey and Mickey's because they were babysitting Rowan, another friend of ours 4 month old. We had dinner and a movie with the 2 babies (tales of what it will be like come fall!!!)
Today, we went to church and then avoided the monsoons of rain and finished up registering at Pottery Barn Kids and Target. We got all of our bedding at Pottery Barn Kids - Yeah I am so excited to decorate the nursery! We ended up registering at Pottery Barn Kids, Babies R Us and Target!
I have my regular 24 week appointment with my OB on Wednesday and have to do the glucose (orange drink) test for gestational diabetes - hope I can drink that nasty stuff! Not looking forward to stepping on the scale as this last 2 weeks I have been SO hungry - baby is really growing now!
My parents get back from the British Virgin Islands today - 10 days without talking to my mom - yikes how did we survive! I sure did miss her. Can't wait to hear how their trip went.
Have a great week and stay dry - looks like we might get wet the majority of the week around here.