Week 24 Ultrasound Pictures

Hard to tell but that is the babies mouth and nose!
Side profile of face - it was sticking its tongue out and moving its mouth the whole time!

It's tiny feet!
It's head and eyes! (looking from the top)
Everything looks great and the baby is 1 lb. 5 oz and about 1 foot (the size of a small doll). The heartrate was 138 bpm so could be a boy or girl - who knows! It is head down with legs by my ribs -explains all the kicks down low and high!! Ellen, Erin's sister, came today as well and enjoyed the 30 minute ultrasound (AWESOME!!). We couldn't do 3D because the baby was facing the uteran wall and would NOT cooperate! The tech said it was stubborn - wonder which side of the family that is from? We are so blessed for continued growth and health. Next ultrasound is at 28 weeks...