Week 23

Spring is definitely trying to arrive which means my pregnancy continues to progress. It is hard to believe I will move into my 24th week and 6 monthes down! 4 more to go! The baby is really moving around now and kicking like crazy in all directions - up high, one side, the other, down low. I just read in the book it could be knees, feet, hands, and elbows. Phew - I was worried my little one might have a few extra limbs! It moves most when laying in bed and right after I eat. Scott is able to feel and see my belly move now. I am excited to share this exciting feeling with him.
We ordered our furniture yesterday - so exciting. Can't believe you spend more on the baby furniture than our own! Although, our headboard I made and our dressers are from Ikea so it wouldn't take much to outspend that! We got the espresso color and got the crib and changing table/dresser. It will be here in 12 weeks - I will be only 4 weeks from delivery at that point so that should be good timing.
We will paint the bedroom a pretty celedon green and then do a ribbon stripe around the room with khaki, white, chocolate brown, and then tape off for either pink or blue to do following the baby's birth and then over the bed a big circle of khaki or chocolate brown with their initials to go inside! I think it should turn out nice! The bedding is from Pottery Barn and is VERY simple - celedon green and white. I can add pink or blue accents once we know what our bundle of joy is!
We also registered at Target and finalized our Babies R' Us registry this weekend. So much fun but hard to decide for me - good thing Scott had some opinions and could help me out in deciding! Never been so indecisive in my life!
The weather this week will be beautiful so hoping to enjoy being outside and running (or attempting to) outdoors!
Have a great week!