Week 22 and Easter

What a BUSY weekend...We had my parents and sister come on Friday night. We went to The Color Purple at the Civic Center in Des Moines. It was good and fun to do something as a family. Then on Saturday, my mom hid eggs all over our house. We had an adult easter egg hunt and of course it got VERY competitive. My mom filled the eggs with money, Scott won the most - good thing we are married! We also colored eggs and our fingers turned colors. Then we went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory and had a Wii competition - Scott smoked us all. I think my parents will be practicing from now on.
Then on Sunday Scott's parents, my grandparents, Scott's cousin Andrea, and Scott's Grandma Olive joined us as well. We started off the day with LOTS of pictures. Then we headed to church. When we got home, I walked in to the smell of BURNING - yikes! We had scorched the Easter ham (okay so I nearly broke out in tears - emotional pregnanat worman here) but my mom and Scott ran to Hy-Vee and grabbed 2 rotisserie chickens and we salvaged the middle of the ham too. We had WAY too much food but so delicious. Everyone headed out around 3:30 and Scott and I crashed for a nap.
Last night, Scott was feeling my belly HOPING to feel the baby and he DID! He was so excited he jumped off the couch and did a happy dance. I, of course, teared up. I was so happy he could finally feel the baby. Thanks to the baby for a big ol' kick.
My belly continues to grow nice and round :-) as you will see from the pictures!
We are uploading some from the weekend, we hope you all enjoy.
Happy Easter!