Week 21

Another week come and gone...but still a blizzard warning is pending. What is up with the weather? This is not working out very well for my maternity attire. I don't want to buy any more pants so I purchased some cropped ones but my ankles are going to freeze off if this weather doesn't change. Oh well! I went on a run today in the nice sun after our math curriculum training. Scott is reorganizing the garage and now Cy and I are settled in for our mid-afternoon rest!

We have EXCITING news. I felt the baby move this week - it is mostly at night or when I am laying back in a chair or before bed. It is not kicking yet but more fluttering and movement of some kind that is hard to explain. I know it is their legs based on the position they were in at the ultrasound but they could have moved to -- who knows! It is so fun though, Scott was bummed he couldn't feel it yet.

We also registed at Babie R us which was very fun for us. We couldn't believe how much EVERYTHING costs and how much you need for a little one. It was so fun to dream and pick out things and think one day we will get to use them. Scott had fun scanning with the scanner gun while I fretted if we got it all. We will still register at Target and Pottery Barn Kids but atleast this was a start.

Tonight, we will go to one of Scott's co-workers to watch the final four and then tomorrow Ellen, my sister, and I will sing at church! I love singing together, it is so much fun. Then I have to go grocery shopping and plan out for next weekend. We are excited to be hosting my parents, my sister, my dad's parents, Scott's grandma, Scott's parents, and cousin! There will be 11 of us in all! I can't wait! My mom is making a scavenger hunt, I have little Easter baskets for everyone, we will go to church, and then come home and feast! YUM - just thinking about it!

I think that is all for now! We will post my 21 week belly soon. People still don't know I'm prego if they don't know me but those that do can definitely tell I have a belly bump - yeah!