Week 20 check-up!

We had our 20 week check-up with Dr. Drake (our perinatologist) today! We had an hour ultrasound - it was awesome. We got to see the baby and all of its organs including its heart, stomach, diaphragm, lungs, kidneys and its little arched spine and other bones! SO COOL! It is now 10 oz. and 10 inches long. It's head is pointing toward my left hip down and its butt is up towards my belly button. The reason I have not felt it move is because my placenta is on the front of my belly so the baby has to get a little stronger before I will feel it (4-5 more weeks). We will wait patiently. The baby is perfect the doc said and so am I, everything seems to be progressing perfectly, as she said, with no concerns in development! YEAH! She also said I looked good too - had to say I was relieved not sure how a 20 week pregnant women is supposed to look! We will go to Dr. Hoegh's on Monday for my regular OB check and then will see both Dr. Drake and Dr. Hoegh every 4 weeks from now on. We will also have an ultrasound every 4 weeks from here on out too. Hopefully, next time we will do a 3-D image, the baby was not cooperating and is still a little small to see! They said they would try next time and just to remind them (oh I will - don't worry!). We are just so blessed and thank God for our tiny miracle. It is truly amazing to see that heartbeat go 144 beats per minute and know only God could create that!
With Love,
Erin, Scott, Baby and Cy