17 weeks and counting!

Wow! Another week come and gone. Last week was very eventful. If you haven't heard, I got a new job. Yes, I thought why not upset the whole world. This was just a terrific opportunity and I will still be working for Ankeny CSD but now instead of a classroom teacher, I will be an instructional coach at Southeast Elementary. I will help teachers implement new curriculum, provide coaching, modeling of lessons, team teaching and collaborative work daily. It is a new position so we will learn as we go. I am looking forward to the new endeavor and it goes well with my aspirations in education. With God's okay - I did it.
We hosted Scott's parents this weekend. Scott took his dad to the ISU vs. Texas Tech game as his late Christmas gift. (a yearly tradition). Luckily ISU won!!! Marty and I did some shopping. She got us our baby book - yeah! She got to see the baby furniture and imagined what it would like in the nursery. WE have the chair ordered (thanks Gma and Gpa W!!!). We will order the rest when we return from our vacation.
Oh yes, we cannot wait. WE packed today and are gearing up for our Mexican cruise next week! We will leave Minneapolis on Saturday and fly into Ft. Lauderdale and board our ship on Sunday. We are hoping to see Jackie, a sorority sister of mine, while we are there. It also just so happens my new principal is taking the same exact cruise - I guess we will get to know each other a little better!
My belly is popping by the day and Scott is predicting more "poppage" by the cruise. Yahoo as right now my maternity swimsuit looks a wee bit silly but my regular one does not fit comfortably at all! So I am taking the maternity one!
We can't wait to fill you in on our fun adventures! Hope all is well with everyone!