16 weeks

We had our 16 week visit yesterday and all systems continue to be a go! Yeah! Dr. Brink gave the okay to go on the cruise and gave us a letter we have to fax to the cruise company. You can only cruise until you are 24 weeks, luckily, I will only be 19 weeks! We are getting so excited to enjoy some warmth and adventure. I got to hear the heartbeat and they measured my belly. Baby is doing well and momma was happy because I am on target for weight - phew! We went to Legally Blonde last night. It was really good! Scott forgot the tickets at home, pregnancy brain got him - oops! We still made it in time so that was okay and I was totally calm - this pregnancy is mellowing me out (momentarily maybe?). Tonight, we will go see Ellen in the musical skit she directed and is the lead in at ISU. My parents are in Las Vegas so we will have to be extra loud. She is so talented in the fine arts, it is impressive to watch. I can't believe it is March tomorrow, can't say I am sad to see winter go. I am beginning to not have much to wear in terms of winter clothing so I am hoping to hold out for warmer weather and just wear what remains. I told my colleagues they might see the same 5 pairs of pants for a while. Next weekend, Scott's parents come for Saturday and overnight. Scott and his dad will go to the ISU game and Marty and I will shop! We will post pictures of the baby belly soon!