15 weeks!

We are hanging in there! I am already in bed - where is the 2nd trimester energy come into play. I just read an article - that "energy" can be defined loosely to instead of just moving the pillow in trimester 1 - you can now get out of bed! That made me feel better. Baby is definitely growing as now I am officially not able to button my pants - an odd feeling. I am using my belly band - a great invention. We just got home from Cedar Falls visiting Scott's parents. It was nice to see them but it is entirely too cold for the end of February! I can't wait for spring. We only have 20 days until our cruise! YEAH! This Friday we have our 16 week appointment. Can't believe it is going SO fast! We got our chair ordered and soon we will order the crib and changing table/dresser! We are excited about it - it is the link on the blog but we will not get the hutch for the top as our room is not huge! Still not sure on bedding but we have plenty of time. Surprisingly grandma keeps adding to baby's closet :-)! Hope all is well!