13 weeks and counting!

We have hit 13 weeks and the baby or something is starting to show a little more. When I sit down it no longer is very comfortable but maternity pants fall off. We have conferences this week so I hope I survive the long working days. My belly is turning a lovely shade of black and blue as the shots are causing a LOT of bruising - it looks worse than it feels! I am officially liking chocolate, I had to go and get some pudding and chocolate frozen yogurt today at the grocery store. Not gaining much weight in trimester 1 is out the window in trimester 2, it seems all I do is eat!!! Something I am glad to be able to do without the thought of being sick. I am still taking my nauesea medicine but it seems to be gradually getting better. It is fun to look in public now for baby and maternity things without the fear somebody might see me! August still seems like a long way away but 13 weeks really has gone fast. Scott and I are getting excited for our spring break cruise! We thank God for another great week for baby and I!