Well it is Sunday evening and the weekend seems so short after our long winter break. We had a nice relaxing weekend and were able to enjoy some time with our friends the Kinzenbaw's before their baby comes, hopefully, this week. We can't wait to meet baby boy Kinzenbaw. I am feeling okay until about 7:30 and then by 8:30 whatever I have for supper ends up someplace besides my stomach. I think Scott is realizing I am a very expensive date as I still want to go out and be fun but I can't keep my dinners down. I am trying to eat a larger meal at lunch but then I get quezy in the afternoon. Like everyone says, better to be sick at night, then with 18 1st graders. I am uploading our 1st sonogram pictures taken at 7 weeks and 5 days so they are about 2 weeks old already. Still no outward signs but I can sure feel a difference in my waist - Scott can kind of see he says but everything still fits fine :-)!