Eventful Day

Well, I am enjoying that my stomach has stopped burning and rolling around finally after about 48 hours. This morning I called the doctor after not being able to stop vomitting for 2 days. They decided to see me and I went to the doctor. They wanted to check on the baby so they started by looking with a regular doplar ultrasound but they could not see the heartbeat, I think mine stopped too! So, they did the more invasive ultrasound and thankfully with steadfast prayer on my part, they found the baby and its heartbeat. This time it was so cool to see the baby. You could actually see the head, body and leg and arm buds. It actually waved, I swear. (They said it was a hiccup). I swear it is a girl because there is always drama! Then, they decided to give me an IV but after 5 seperate attempts and a fluid bump forming on my hand they decided to send me to the hospital to have it done. Scott drove me down and we sat in recliners watching Cash Cab for the next 3 hours while 2 liters of salt water were transferred into my body as well as two viles of zophran (anti-nausea medicine). I finally felt hungry and went to the bathroom for the 1st time in 14 hours - YEAH! So now Mommy and Baby are feeling good. Hopefully, it will stay that way. I am to take my nausea medicine more often so it does not get so bad again - oops. I was trying to take as little as possible :-). God was present today and I really had to rely on him as my nerves were shot from sickness and nerves but as always God was faithful! I had mashed potatoes for dinner and a popsicle for dessert, hopefully tomorrow I will take in more calories. I don't think I have gained any weight as of yet due to sickness but I am sure I will make up for it in no time :-).
Much Love and Thanks to God for a good result!
Erin, Scott and Baby
PS Cy and Dad are out walking in the warmer weather (it is in the positive digits and Cy was antsy)