Baby Port is 12 weeks!

God is good and we had another great appointment yesterday! My mom and Scott came with me and we headed downtown to the hospital for our appointment this time. Our doc was very busy with 4 C-sections and 2 natural births but he still got us in. Dr. Hoegh is great! We got our pre-admission papers and all the pre-birth class information - I guess we are official! My mom and Scott joined me for the ultrasound part and my mom cried when we saw the baby. Baby Port is getting so big and at 1st put on quite a show before he/she realized we were watching! As you will see in the sonogram pictures, at one point he/she was laying down then sat up and gave us a thumbs up. We took a video of the heartbeat (168 bpm). It still looks like a little butterfly inside them! The thumbs up from baby was all I needed - I had been so worried since miscarriage is so high with factor 5/mhtfr patients. But Dr. Hoegh said only 3% chance and all looks great. Still looks like they want to induce me so they can control my blood medication - so we are hoping we can do a scheduled induction on Friday, August 7th!!!! Mark your calendars. It can't get here soon enough - I can't wait to meet this little person. Now, I am in full mommy-mode. We went shopping for some maternity pants and got a belly band for those pants that are starting to fit a little snug. I am going to hold out for a little longer though - as I know I will be sick of those clothes! We also went and looked at baby furniture - and I drug Scott around today to look at my favorite set. We are pretty sure on it - so we will post a pic but we will wait to order until after spring break. I still am taking my nausea medicine but the Dr. thought things would start looking up soon (hopefully by the end of the 1st trimester at 14 weeks). It was beauitful here today (51 degrees) so we enjoyed being outside and so did Cy. We showed the pictures and talk to her about the baby - but I think she will have to wait and see for her to understand!
Love you all and thanks for all of your prayers - God is good!
Erin, Scott, Cy and Baby Port